Monday, January 4, 2016

Goodbye 2015 , Hello 2016 !


Hello there ! 
    I can't believe that it is 2016 , a year just passed away and I'm like what ?
already ? no , no way !! But sadly yes , and sadly because we are growing out of our child being and we are considered as years pass more wise and grown up !
    But I personal , I don't want to grow up , I don't want to be judge by my age and what I should do and what not ...why age is so damn important ( If you are interested I already did a blog post about age difference go check it out ! ) but whatever I will be myself and do the thing I personaly really like because If we talk about New Year resolutions I said to myself that I will do the things that make me happy . I will follow my dreams and I will not pick up what others say because I have one life and I should live it the way I want not how others would like ! 

I wish you an incredible good New Year !

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My favorite tracks list !

My favorite tracks list :

  1. Black Coast - TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix)
  2. Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix)
  3. Honey Cocaine - Can't Sit With Us 
  4. Ellie Goulding - Army 
  5. Eastside - Ellie (Don't x Loyal Cover)
  6. Ain't No Us - Niykee Heaton 
  7. Cold War- Niykee Heaton 
  8. Demi Lovato - Wildfire 
  9. Hailee Steinfeld - Rock Bottom 
  10. Selena Gomez - Kill Em With Kindness 
  11. Selena Gomez - Sober

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Plastic surgery at 16 ?!

Sorry , I can't think of an intro right now I'm so damn mad ...

    Where the hell life is going ?! Why the hell would you do plastic surgery at 16 ?! Why?! There is a girl a YouTube, maybe you know who I'm talking about but honestly I don't care , this is my personal opinion so fuck you !!!
    First of all , she wears push up bras and she pulls her boobs up at her neck , she puts videos of her as on Instagram on the beach , she is so damn bored looking with a I'm a princess bitch face and she cries and she fels hurt if somebody tells her that she is a bitch but she is keep on doing everything i mentioned ?! And now at only 16 she has plastic surgery on her nose !!!!
     Like where this society is going ? Looking and acting like a whore is making you happy? Having a plastic surgery makes you happy ? Being happy is about accepting yourself and if you do plastic surgery do it at an older age because at 16 your body is developing and you don't know how much bad do you do for yourself but what ever she has the money and she is doing it ....I don't know at 16 I was a little dumb girl but now at 16 you act and dress like a whore and you are drunk and you post pics of your new shoes on Instagram and all that jazz ....
     I think Melanie Martinez was right :
 If you weren't born with it
You can buy a couple ornaments
Just be sure to read the warning, kids
Cause pretty soon you'll be bored of it
Sexual, hey girl if you wanna feel sexual
You can always call up a professional
They stick pins in you like a vegetable
Kids forever, kids forever
Baby soft skin turns into leather
Don't be dramatic it's only some plastic
No one will love you if you're unattractive
Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty?
Does a new face come with a warranty?
Will a pretty face make it better?
Oh Mr. Potato Head tell me
How did you afford her surgery?
Do you swear you'll stay forever
Even if her face don't stay together
f you want a little more confidence
Potatoes turn to french fries, yeah it's common sense
All you need's a couple more condiments
And a hundred thousand dollars for some compliments
It's such a waste
When little girls grow into their mothers face
But little girls are learning how to cut and paste
And pucker up their lips until they suffocate

Monday, November 2, 2015

What is beauty on SOCIAL MEDIA ?!

Hello !

      I din't posted for a very long time , but i know that nobody is missing me cuz i have no subscribers or readers but you know it is okay , at least I have a place where I can post about absolutely anything that crosses my mind .
      So that's why today I wanted to talk about a very touchy and on trend problem : What is beauty on Social Media ?!.We all know that social media makes a huge impact on peoples and that's why some people choose to die than to be them self so was I . I know it is very sad but is so damn true .   
      Every day we see these beauty ideas you have to be skinny you have to be beautiful you have to have the perfect smile , i few years ago i was dying to have braces but now i can appreciate myself the way I'm because life is short and there are way bigger problems than you not having a perfect smile at least i learned to love myself as much as I can but i still have those days and when I'm out in a club no matter how hard I try I can't have a guys attention and this is what makes me fell ugly and unwanted . Between my girlfriends I think I'm the not-so-beautiful-but-smart-and-open-eyed-girl and I kinda enjoy it because if guys go to you because you look hot than they are approaching you for your look not for who you are not for your inner values. 
      This is the problem that social media only shows the outside and wants to teaches us how to be more beautiful on the fucking OUTSIDE and they forget that BEAUTY FADES AND THE INNER BEAUTY REMAINS ...but who the hell cares no ? If you are beautiful everybody wants to be your BFF cuz she is pretty but some girls who are not so blessed on the outside are so damn blessed on the inside . 
      This is the problem , we can't see behind the things , the beauty is all around us there is beauty in everything. In the morning sun , in the sunset in every bug around you , in every flower that you smell , the beautiful buildings around you , in the falling leaves in everything ! See beauty without your eyes and you know its truly genuine.Beauty is not only seen by the eye it is also felt by the heart.
      And let me show you some examples , i posted this pic on Facebook and i got 66 likes ( not that much because i'm not that typical bitch queen ) I used one filter just to brighten the picture and this is my party makeup ! Yes , this is all i wear on a party or occasion. 

 And this picture is me whit no makeup on ( yeah looks the same ) and i posted it on my Instagram and i got 4 likes ;) This is a NoMakeupMonday picture . 

And don't forget : The most beautiful thing about a person isn’t looks, but heart and personality.To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to be accept yourself.Outer beauty is what the eyes can see, inner beauty can only be seen through the heart.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kill ' em with kindness !

Hello there you little one !

     I spent this past weekend volunteering at the Castle Garden Festival not far from my hometown and after that i went to a party with my cousin and some of my friends and coming home from there at 5 in the morning we stopped at the MC Donald's and standing there in the pouring rain waiting my cousin to get her order i saw a homeless couple being there at the MC Donald's waiting to see if they can get something from somebody but being fair and not zippy .
The one thing I notice is that the old man was cleaning the tables and throwing away anything that the other people left on the tables and he was putting the trays back where they belong .
I was a little shocked , and i almost started to cry . I was so sad , like so fucking sad and i thought that they don't deserve it , they are such nice people they are cleaning the other peoples mess and putting back everything and not forcing someone to give them food or anything and they have to live a life like this ?! I mean i'm sure it is they fault to that they live a life like this but I was still sad .
You know i don't have a perfect life , if a i could cry i would cry every day because of whats going on in my life , in my family and seeing that some people are so mean and rude and they got such a wonderful life and kind people just don't !
This incident made me think about life and trying to be a better person and help others . This is why i choose to do volunteering , because i love to help the peoples waiting nothing in return just good memories !
So i dare you to try to be a better person every day because life is short and you should live it well !

Saturday, October 3, 2015

You are not what you look like !

Hello !

      I was browsing my Facebook page and i was looking at my old posts and i found a very inspiring quote so i taught that i should share with you to encourage you to just Be You and Be Yourself and to stay true to Yourself because it is the best thing that you can do.

      This life is very short and it is just a waist of time to always be sad , trust me i know i do it all the time but founding these kind of post always make me think about my life and the way I'm looking at it !  

You are not what you look like !

You are not what you look like 

You are the music you listen to 
The shows you watch
The art you make
The flowers in your hair
Your favorite blanket .
You are not the pimple on your nose
You are not the pudge on your stomach 
You are not your things or your teeth 
You are the color of your hair
You are your favorite band 
You are the mismatch socks you wear
And your favorite sweater
You are what you love 
You are not what you look like 
Or the body your in 
You are all the things you like 
You are you ! 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Being a Late Bloomer !

Hey there lovely people of the Internet !

     Today the subject i wanna talk about is being a late bloomer !What is a late bloomer ? - late bloomer is a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual .

        I'm only 19 ( and when i think about turning 20 next year freaks the heck out of me , i'm getting old ) and i finished school this year and all my friend are going to university's or to work and I'm staying at home and doing nothing ! Is not that i don't want to do something is just, i can't explain, somehow things are not meant right now for me i didn't get to go to the university i wanted and i haven't have a plan B . So now I'm staying out one year from the university and i get so many questions and people make me feel bad that i didn't go to a university and discourage me nobody understands that I'm different I have an artist soul i can't do normal things like others I don't wanna be a doctor or i don't wanna work into an office i just want to do my thing to make art , to help people , to make them feel good and be free and I'm conscious that i live in a world of fantasies but it's okay for me ! 
     You know i think that being a late bloomer is the best thing that a person can be because every body wants thing to go right and fast , but doing something right and fast it's not that simple because you have to take time because the best things in life take time ! Being a late bloomer you do things slowly and you think about the things twice ! Is it worth it to rush into something or i should wait and see ! 
      I'm okay being a late bloomer and it's okay to be okay with that , we are not the same we are who we are and it's alright !